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Elgin Fringe Festival 2016:     Reflections and Perspectives    plays by Carl Zeitler 

Elgin Theatre Company presents "Reflections and Perspectives," written and directed by Carl Zeitler. This production consists of three short plays in which people try to relate to one another and their own lives; sometimes with comedic results and sometimes in a more serious setting.

A Smattering of Perspective

      Sloane:         Lynn Homeier

      Pierce:          Bill Boggs

      Todd:            Mark Brewer


Wedded Bliss.....  or Not

      Lisa:             Debbi Dennison

      Donny:          Carl Zeitler


And Then What?

      The Host:       Nancy Braus

      Charles:         Mark Brewer

      Christine:       Valerie Meachum


Dates: September 15 (9 PM), 16 (6 PM), 17 (1:30 PM), 18 (3 PM),  2016

                    Directed by Carl Zeitler

Location: Imago, 216 Prairie Street, Elgin, IL




Holiday time 2016:     A Christmas Carol    a play based on the novel by Charles Dickens, adapted by Philip Grecian    

The original Dickens story is all here: Scrooge refuses a Christmas dinner invitation from his nephew, Fred, turns away charity workers raising money for the poor and bullies his clerk, Bob Cratchit. Jacob Marley makes his visit while the sound effects crew shakes chains and the music director plays eerie chords. The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge to Fezziwig's party, and we hear the music and the dancing feet on the wooden floor. The Ghost of Christmas Present leads him through the streets of London to his nephew's house, where he joins, invisibly, in a guessing game, discovering how much fun he can have if he opens his heart, just in time to visit Bob Cratchit's family and open his heart to Tiny Tim. Finally, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, whose "voice" is provided by the music director's keyboard, shows Scrooge his horrible fate. Scrooge awakens at home a changed man.




 Dates: November 18, 19, 20,  2016

                    Directed by Linda Collins

Location: 1st United Methodist Church, Elgin, IL


The rest of the Elgin Theatre Company Theatre season will be announced soon!



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